I use a variety of cameras to capture my images. I love to collect vintage cameras, and every one of them I own is a working camera that sees regular use.

Specifically, I shoot with digital mirrorless cameras like the Leica 116, the Panasonic GX85, Canon SLR's, and an assortment of film cameras like the Pentax 67, Hasselblad 503cxi, Pentax MX, Leica M6 TTL, Contax and Olympus point and shoots, Yashicamat 124G twin lens reflex, Diana, Nikon F2, Wista 4 by 5 etc.

Each camera demands a specific way to shoot. Sometimes I need to slow right down and take calculated photographs. Other times, it's split second reactions with point and shoots. There are no rules, but I've learned to shoot according to my vision of what a photograph might look like, and what the camera I'm using excels at doing.

I develop all my color and black and white film at home. I find I get more consistent results with better quality control than what a lab can offer. I shoot a variety of film, but some of my favorites are Kodak Ektar, Tri-x, Portra 160, Ilford Pan F and HP5 plus.