I am currently working on a new project called "Time Capsule" which I am absolutely thrilled about! I have already begun shooting for it, and I suspect it will continue on into the next year or two. Anyone who wishes to be included in this exciting project should contact me as soon as possible so that we can set up a time to shoot a few images for you! Sisters, brothers, father/daughter, father/son, mother/son, mother/daughter etc. Bring your best friend! Bring your mom or dad! Or, just bring yourself! You are not going to want to miss out on this! And it's a rare opportunity to get a few fun, professional photos for no cost to you. This isn't likely to happen again!

For your participation, you will receive your images in your very own private gallery. There, you can download them, get them printed, or share on your favourite devices.

I look forward to hearing from you and adding your name to the growing list!

Notes from the photographer's standpoint:

When I was envisioning this project it took me a long time to try to figure out how to make this happen. What I was after were photos that were "everyday" - not photoshopped, no gimics, no falsities. This was not to be a beauty contest or a venue for making incredible single images. I realized from day one, that the strength of this project would lie in the collection of images. And over time, the images would become even more interesting to look at. I wanted images that were consistent in appearance much like the little photo booths we used to be able to get a row of pictures done in. Thus I needed to simplify everything as much as I could. I would use the same lighting, and the same background. The only thing that would change were the players who were ordinary people saying something about who they were, and time. Time is the thing that changes all of us. And it changes technology, our thoughts, our perceptions, and our ideas of what something should look like.

And so this is it. Let's make this time capsule so that twenty or thirty years from now, we'll go, "Wow" and smile at a fond memory of a time or of a person who's life path crossed ours in some way.