I offer photography tutoring only for individuals or groups of two. My program, which consists of 7 hours of instruction, has been carefully written to teach you the essentials, reinforce your skills, and make you think like a photographer without wasting valuable time.

I have been very careful drafting the material that will target what is required to lift your photography to a whole new level.

Many people out there are quite happy to teach you about your camera. But photography isn't about cameras. And that's the difference. I will teach you how to think like a photographer with a background of understanding knowing something about the great photographers of our time, and how to apply the skills you've learned to what it is you're seeing. Most will be quite content teaching you how to be preoccupied with your camera. I promise I won't. I'll teach you how to observe and how to develop your vision. And I'll teach you how to think so that you can photograph with intent. I'll teach you how to take pictures that summarize what it is you're trying to describe. And just like Stephen Shore said, "The composition of a photograph is an expression of understanding." How well do you understand your subject?

If you are, or know an individual who shows an eagerness to learn essential photography skills, you can contact me via email. Life is short. Serious inquiries only.

The cost is 300 dollars per person.

Gift certificates are available!