I offer one on one photography instruction in Kitimat, B.C. The cost is 75 dollars for 3 to 4 hours of instruction. Gift certificates are available!


My lesson plan covers things such as how to look at a photograph, attributes of a photograph, metaphor, context, render and all about lenses, time, focus, time markers, candid vs. posing, depth of field, perspective, structure and composition, the zone system, software and processing, the colour wheel, and when to shoot black and white. I will teach you not just camera stuff, but the important information you need to know to be able to take meaningful pictures.


You won’t find this stuff anywhere else in one place. You can peruse the internet and teach yourself if you’ve got 5 to 10 years of spare time.

How to look at a photograph? What! Umm...yes. It's important to know about the physical and mental nuances of a photograph, and to be able to appreciate good composition, to understand how placement of frame lines can impact the meaning of a photograph. And, you must be able to understand contrast, colour cast etc.


In this lesson, my objective is for you to understand the material I share with you and take it with you so that over the course of the next few years you can learn from it and apply it to your style of shooting. 


I am a firm believer that photography is all about seeing. The real instrument is the photographer not the apparatus!


I teach individuals or in small groups and I have years of experience shooting film - 35mm, medium & large format, as well as DSLR's, full frame/APS-C mirrorless, and micro four thirds mirrorless systems. If you need advice on finding a camera that will best fit your own style of shooting and your needs, don't hesitate to ask.

There's a lot more about photography that I don't know. It's totally an evolutionary process. But I do know enough that I can probably help you out.


You can contact me via fb message or email.