"Whether I'm photographing a person sitting across from me, a street in a small town, or a beautiful mountain scene, it's a relationship. It's a collaboration. Something presents itself to me and I react. 
I think photography is about seeing and being sensitive to the world. It is about problem-solving and finding structural solutions that make pieces within a frame resonate somehow keeping in mind the premise that photographs have to be real, and that imperfection can be a good thing. I've always liked photographs that look like photographs as opposed to digital creations. Some would probably call me a purist or a traditionalist. But I really don't mind that. In fact, I'd be honoured. And portraits - what is a portrait if it isn't honest? I shoot digital all the time and embrace it. But most of all, I enjoy looking at photographs that contain elements of the real magic that photography offers like mystery, soul, ambiguity, honesty, and wonder."